Modeling Love

On July 15 we celebrated 8 years of marriage. We had no sitter lined up and no true plans. It was a Tuesday, after all. At first I was bummed. I think marriage is a pretty big deal. I think two people choosing each other, working day in and day out to make a household […]


Being Intentional

With the convenience of my iPhone, I kind of stopped being intentional with my photographing. I can snap a photo whenever and with great ease. I am unbelievably grateful for this. But sometimes when things are easy, we forget to make them intentional. The other day, Ross and I were outside with just Hudson. That […]


The Great Ice Cream Social

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by SONY through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about SONY, all opinions are my own. My sophomore year of college, second semester, days after turning 20–I walked in late to art class and grabbed the first available stool. It happened to […]


Five Things Friday 3

Apparently if I name every five things Friday post, Five Things Friday — the internet gets confused, hence the 3. If you are dying to know what other five things you missed– checked back here: Five Things Friday 1 and Five Things Friday 2. 1. I cut my hair! After not doing anything with it […]


Styling a Bookshelf

I love to decorate. I love having a place to display a little personality in my home, but I have kids soo…. Does this sentence even need to be finished? We live here. I mean LIVE here. They aren’t in school yet, we don’t have a play room. All the living and playing that a […]


Five Things Friday

Holy smokes! It is Friday again. Didn’t mean to leave you hanging for a whole week. Check out last weeks, the inaugural, Five Things Friday. 1. I’ve become obsessed with painting my nails. There are two parts to this. In the past I couldn’t wait long enough for them to dry. I always ended up […]


Five Things Friday

I’ve declared this the summer of me! Well that sounds incredibly selfish, but it is true. I am investing in myself–guilt free. 1. It started with the braces this spring. I mean, I need them, but I typically wouldn’t put myself on the list. I cannot wait to have them off and have straight teeth. […]


A Jeweled Box

I was recently walking through the craft store and I spied these wood boxes. Geodes, quartz, stone are totally in right now. Anthropologie has beautiful geode hardware I’m swooning over. I also recently saw two of my favorite bloggers, The Handmade Home and I Heart Organizing, creating with these elements. I had received the Elmer’s […]


Saddness Mixed with Joy

It seems like so many things in life are a bundle of emotions. As each door closes, another opens. As one phase ends, another begins. Quinn graduated from 4k on Thursday. It was a casual picnic in the evening. The most formal part was where the children gathered in a circle and sang, We had […]


That Time I Gave Parenting Advice on the Internet

Lately it seems my personal Facebook feed is blowing up with parents desperate for solutions and advice to various parenting woes. Conversations with friends have revolved around the kids and as we head into summer, I’m sure a lot of parents are beginning to brace themselves. I have spent my entire life working with children. […]