Come Rummaging With Me!

Eleanor is sleeping and grandpa took Quinn to Barnes & Noble, which means there might be just enough calm in my house for me to get a coherent post together. Things are feeling quite balanced now…20 minutes ago, not so much! My weekend to do list:

1. Get House Tour: Phase Two pictures up
2. Hit up the rummage sales 

The whole family piled in the car. Armed with $36.00, a copy of the classifieds, a toddler and a cranky newborn we hit the rummage sale scene. Here is what caught our eye, but didn’t make the cut.

Nice quality and 2 for $15 a decent price, but I don’t really need stools. Heck! Some might argue I don’t need any of this.

A nice sturdy sewing table converted to a regular old table. $25 was too steep for me.

Old farmhouse window. Totally would have snatched it up. Some see junk, I see endless possibilities. Turns out the owner wasn’t ready to part with it. Maybe she had some ideas up her sleeve as well. I love how the piece has character and think it would be gorgeous hanging on a wall as is…a little unexpected.

Looks cool, but when you sat on it it tipped forward. Not ideal for a home with toddler and a newborn baby.
Not really sure why I passed this one up. Must have gotten distracted. Fun frames are always a good idea. Spray paint can fix a multitude of sins.

Never saw anything quite like these. I don’t even know what they were asking, but they were interesting. Could be cool on a bookshelf…perhaps.

A lovely, quality piece of a furniture. Out of my price range. If you recall I was only armed with $36.00
$125! Definitely interesting and definitely a statement. Paint and fabric could really update it to be a funky (think Urban Outfitters) kind of piece.
So to make the cut the item had to be: cheap, (under $36 cheap), usable in my house, and have good integrity. Clearly rummaging requires and open mind and vision. 
So $18.50 later this is what we ended up with:
Slinky Dog

Various Toys
Remember, this blog is all about balancing home. If you are gonna bring kids rummaging, make if fun for them. Quinn scored slinky dog for $5. He is a huge Toy Story (1, 2 and 3) fan so he flipped when he saw it. It was in perfect shape, still in the box! He has been playing with it all weekend. Well worth the $5. Now that Quinn is happy, lets see what the grown ups got.
Sunburst Clock
Some of you might notice the tag that says the clock is broken. No worries! I have absolutely no intention of using it as a clock. Remember, rummaging takes vision. You may also notice the tag that says $5. Well everything was half off so we scored this beauty for $2.50. Stay tuned to Balancing Home if you want to see her transformation. We also scored these.
Front View

Side View
These bad boys only set me back $2.00. They are really nice and solid which is fabulous.
My current bookend situation.
My current bookend situation isn’t working for me. You see that B is not meant to be a bookend and is pretty lightweight. Sometimes it even tips over! I have always wanted bookends, but when I see them in stores I can never bring myself to spend that much. Imagine my joy when I scored these. Technically they could work as is, but I have a little makeover planned for them. More on that later. On to other finds.
Wire Basket
I love baskets. I don’t discriminate either. I love all baskets, but wire baskets have a certain industrial coolness factor. When I spotted this for $1.50 I had to have it. I immediately knew what I was going to use it for…but you are going to have to wait to find out. Lastly, there were these.
My husband thought I was a bit crazy, but he borrowed his parent’s car and hauled them home for me none-the-less. Yes, those are doors. No, I do not have a door opening those would fit in. Aren’t they cool though? Originally they were $10 each, but I managed to score both for $10 and I was feeling pretty good about that. I can’t wait to show you what I have in store for these. 
I wonder if reading this post was nearly as exhausting as rummaging was for us. Getting a toddler out of his car seat and the baby carrier out and then loading them all back in is hard work. Hope you enjoyed rummaging with me!
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  • Susan

    Well, you have my attention…especially want to know what you are going to do with those doors!

  • Megan

    Well lets Just hope it turns out as I envision in my head!

  • Nikki

    I am so excited to see what you are going to do with it all!!! Good job rummaging!