Makeover Monday: Quinn’s Dresser Redo

You may be noticing this post is a bit later than usual. That is because we are in the thick of finishing up Quinn’s room. He wants to sleep in his room. I guess he is over sleeping on the mattress in his sister’s room. Which is fine, because we are over her sleeping in the pack-n-play in our room. Needless to say we told him we would tuck him into his own bed tonight. So after working until midnight last night we still have a lot on our plate. I am really excited about how things are going and am super excited to share with you the final results….when we get there. Needless to say, I am dedicating this week’s posts to Quinn’s room switcheroo/makeover.

Today we are featuring the dresser. It use to look a little something like this.

I am embarassed to say we didn’t take a before. This picture is from when the room was just an extra room. This room has had many lives. A spare room, a play room and (soon to be) Quinn’s room. The dresser stored tons of scrapbooking and craft stuff. All of that stuff is still sitting in a pile waiting to find a new home (argh!). Yes, our house is in a state of complete chaos and destruction. It can all be put back together though.
Let me give you the technical breakdown of the dresser remodel. I went to Home Depot and asked them to match a Dutch Boy paint color. I asked them to do it in the shiniest paint they had. Technical, right? I like the paint people at Home Depot so I tend to get my paint there even if I spy a color in a brand they don’t carry. We also picked up some new hardware. Simple, fresh brushed nickel knobs. Lastly, we put contact paper down on the inside. The floral wall paper drawer liner just wasn’t our speed. Well when all was said and done this is what we had (please ignore the mess we are in construction mode).

Well there you have a little glimpse of what we have been up to. The power of paint and some elbow grease. Well I am off to make some chalk lines. . . more on that later.

Click here to see the final reveal.
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  • Katy

    I love that color!! What color is it? And the shiny-ness of it is just perfect. Great job!

  • Megan

    At this moment in time I can't tell you the color. I know…it is my job to know. I lost the swatch. Gotta get a new one. I can tell you the formula though. Behr high-gloss enamel. Base 8400, CLRNT/OZ/384th, B/1/115, G/0/215, F/0/24. Hope that makes sense to somebody :).

  • Megan

    Katy, I found the colors! Dutchboy colors: Sheet Metal in high-gloss enamel.