DIY Hair Clip Using {styled} BY TORI SPELLING

Hey-O! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend. If you follow me on Facebook (and Instagram) you know I busted out my nude patent leather heels and my snazziest pieces for a Friday evening wedding. We don’t get dressed up a whole lot around here, but we clean up okay ;).

I was lucky enough to be given pieces from the Noir and Glitz collection from the {styled} BY TORI SPELLING line. You may have caught me posting pics on Instagram and Facebook when the package came (I was just a tad excited). I will share more of the collection (pinky swear!), but today I really want to share the hair clip I made for the wedding.

Ummm….yeah, if you can tie a knot then you can do this.

Styled by Tori Spelling DIY hair clip

Are you not dying over this gorgeous pendant? It is totally meant to accessorize necklaces when you mix and match and create your own jewelry using the {styled} BY TORI SPELLING line. The cool thing about this line, besides the beautiful pieces, is the flexibility. I have seen so many fun ways to create and combine pieces that I had to start a Pinterest board (<—check that out here)

So some fishing line or jewelry string, scissors, a barrette and a gorgeous pendant are all that are needed. You just wrap the string all up and around the barrette and the pendant, tie and knot and BAM! If you wanna rock the pendant another way, cut the string and reinvent the piece again. Like I said, if you can tie a knot, you can make this.

Styled by Tori Spelling DIY hair clip

So it looks a little jerry-rigged, but when it is in your hair, nobody knows.

Styled by Tori Spelling DIY hair clip

Styled by Tori Spelling DIY hair clip

And what everyone else sees…


Styled by Tori Spelling DIY hair clip

Styled by Tori Spelling DIY hair clip

Styled by Tori Spelling DIY hair clip

So the whole hair clip thing started because I had a one strapped dress with jewels on the strap. A necklace would compete too much with the dress line/jewels. I really wanted some bling though!

Styled by Tori Spelling DIY hair clip

Styled by Tori Spelling DIY hair clip

The {styled} BY TORI SPELLING line also makes all the fixings for earrings and bracelets. I added one of their bracelets to finish off the outfit.

Styled by Tori Spelling DIY hair clip

Styled by Tori Spelling DIY hair clip

I feel like I should add that I got complements on my hair clip ALL.NIGHT.LONG. Felt pretty good :). Folks just aren’t use to fancy schmancy Megan.

Jo-Ann Fabrics carries the entire {styled} BY TORI SPELLING collection (<—check that out here) and Michael’s carries select pieces. If you love creating, and investing in pieces with flexibility this would be a great collection to check out. I will follow up with a post showing you all my goodies and some of my other creations. If you want to learn more you can always check them out on Facebook, Twitter or check out the YouTube video below.


What were you all up to this weekend? Anyone else tried out the {styled} BY TORI SPELLING line yet?




I was lucky enough to receive pieces of the the {styled} BY TORI SPELLING collection, but all ideas and opinions are my own.



  1. Mandy Ford says:

    Very cute! Love the piece in your hair!

  2. Heidi @ Decor & More says:

    This is too cute, Megan! You look like a million bucks! Bet the hubby was so happy to have you on his arm. :-)
    Happy 4th, friend!
    xo Heidi

  3. Megan!
    You look fantastic and your blog is so adorable! I miss you! You should do a blog post with an emphasis on dried flowers :)
    <3 Kelsey

  4. Christy Bishop says:

    Please bring back the pictures in your emails! I follow your blog but recently your emails just end with “continue reading….” I’ve deleted a few good posts because there was no picture to entice me to read:( and found out later what iI’d missed. I know it sounds silly but when I’m skimming emails, pictures always draw me in and I follow the links:)

    • Not silly at all! I don’t know why it stopped. A lot of people stopped getting emails all together. I will see what I can do in the settings. If it goes back to what it was please let me know. Thank you so much for following along.

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