DIY Watercolor Shelf Vignette

This weekend Quinn and I sat down to play with watercolors. You know good old classic Crayola watercolor paints and a Crayola paper pad suitable for watercolors.

Watercolor with Kids

See my coffee cup? I cannot tell you how many times I almost dipped my paint brush into my coffee. My lovely painting is the one with the yellow brush strokes? I was just getting started. I did random brush strokes and had fun with color. One of the best things about being a parent is reliving your childhood. I don’t know that I would have busted out the watercolors and started paining sans kids. I got a tell you though, it is fun! So when all my random brush strokes were finished I had this.

DIY Watercolor art

I immediately fell in love with it and wanted to incorporate it into my home. I loved the colors and the fact I made it and the lovely Saturday afternoon memory of painting with Quinn. So later that evening I was staring at this.

Before Shelf Vignette

This is some mix of Christmas and Valentine’s nastiness and I was done with it. Ack! Thankfully with little work it turned into this.

DIY Watercolor Art Kitchen Shelf Vignette with Fiestaware

To accomplish this feat I busted out the watercolor I had made earlier, some Ikea frames that were in the basement and a few Fiestaware pieces and we were in business.

DIY Watercolor Art


DIY Watercolor Art


You know the old saying measure twice cut once? Well how about don’t measure at all and randomly cut and then get really angry when you don’t have a big enough piece for your second frame. Yup, that is what I did. I ended up taking two pieces and putting them in the frame together (top frame) and I really liked the way it looked, but it was a happy accident.

DIY Watercolor Art Shelf Vignette with Fiestaware

I still need to get something up on that chalkboard, but all in all this little vignette came together nicely and now it makes me smile :).

DIY Watercolor Art Shelf Vignette with Fiestaware

DIY Watercolor Art Kitchen Shelf Vignette with Fiestaware

Sometimes a home comes together in the least expected ways. I say go with it. Cheers to one happy shelf!

What has been your inspiration lately?


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  1. LOVE it, Megan! So cheery! My class loves to watercolor, so we do at least one project a month… one of my favorite mediums. Enjoy!
    xo Heidi

  2. WOW, Megan! I can’t believe how fabulous that looks! If you hadn’t told me you made it, I easily would’ve thought you bought that art on etsy or something. Gorgeous!

    Kelly @ View Along the Way

  3. I LOVE it! I know I already said I loved the painting but I love the vignette even more! It looks so great!

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