How To Make Mini Hamburger Cookies

Is it just me or are things exceptionally cute when they are the wrong size?

These mini hamburger cookies are so easy to make and super tasty. Perfect for a summer BBQ

I first had these way back when, before I had kids, back when I was teaching. A student brought them in and I almost died over how cute they were. Right then and there I made up my mind that I would someday bring them into my child’s classroom. That is back when I had really romanticized views of motherhood too. So in this picture I dreamed up I was skinny, stylish and pulled together delivering the worlds cutest treat for my little straight-A student. Our school district no longer allows homemade treats or junk so there went my dream. Nevermind that I live in yoga pants and a messy ponytail, have countless pounds to lose and manage a shower weekly if I am lucky. So mothering isn’t quite as romantic as I imagined, but it is still better then I could have ever dreamed.

To whip up these mini hamburger cookies you will need:

– Vanilla Wafers

– Frosting

– Food Coloring (red, yellow, green)

– Sesame Seeds

– Honey

– Grasshopper Fudge Mint Cookies

We use these bad boys and they are so yummy! They taste just like Girl Scouts thin mints.

These mini hamburger cookies are so easy to make and super tasty. Perfect for a summer BBQ

The frosting basically acts as your glue. Dye up some frosting to match the colors you would like. I did red for ketchup and yellow for mustard–although it ended up looking more like cheese. I also had leftover green icing I used to mimic the look of lettuce.

I started with the green icing and did a line around the perimeter of the vanilla wafer. Then I pressed the Grasshopper cookie on. Next, I topped the Grasshopper cookie with red and yellow frosting and pressed the vanilla wafer on. I had a little assembly line going. I put the dyed frosting in Ziplock bags and cut the corner to make a little frosting bag. This whole thing went so quickly. For some reason I had it in my head that making these would take forever and it didn’t.

These mini hamburger cookies are so easy to make and super tasty. Perfect for a summer BBQ

The final step is to brush a little honey on the top and sprinkle sesame seeds.

You never have to touch an oven or kitchen appliance. Basically, you are crafting with food.

These are so yummy too! Completely kid and mom approved. And by kid and mom approved I mean–we polished them off.

These mini hamburger cookies are going to be part of my summer tablescape that I will be showing off on Friday June 28th when I co-host a Summer Inspiration Tablescape Link Party with Uncommon Designs, The DIY Village and the Happier Homemaker. Make sure you stop by on Friday to share your summer inspiration or to be inspired.

These mini hamburger cookies are so easy to make and super tasty. Perfect for a summer BBQ

I will give you a second to take all that cuteness in.

What is your favorite summertime dessert?


I am sharing this project with: Tatertots & Jello: Weekend Wrap-UpThrifty Decor Chick: Before & After Party, I Heart Naptime: Sundae Scoop Link Party



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  • lhamer

    So cute…I’m afraid, those might go down a little too easy. ;)

  • Jennifer Williams Lifford

    How fun are these? My boys would love them! Hope you have a wonderful week!
    Jenn xo