What 30 Days Has Taught Me

Today is my thirtieth day in a row of blogging. That is a really big deal for me, which I explained at the start of this challenge. I am doing a year worth of 30 day challenges all in attempts to better myself. Challenge one: Whole30 Challenge two: Thirty days straight of blogging. Challenge three: […]


Goodwill Nightstands

This summer I ran into Goodwill hoping to find a little treasure. I spotted what appeared to be the two sides to a vanity. I immediately thought–nightstands! For $9.99 you cannot go wrong with solid wood. This is the only before picture I have. I snapped it in Goodwill to send to the hubs for […]


Progress Not Perfection

A little over a year ago, this was me. I was 3 months post-partum with baby number 3 in maternity jeans and barely squeezing into my 6 foot 7 inch husband’s t-shirt. That is a hard place to be. ¬†This is me today. I still have more to lose, but look how far I have […]


Almost Moments

Quinn stayed home from school today sick. That kid is pretty miserable and I keep waiting for him to get better. Hudson was all kinds of crabby since he decided to wake up at 3 AM! Ross and I tag teamed until 5 before we finally gave up. Quinn was up crying and burning up […]


Closet Purging & Goodwill Finds

I got it in my head that there are a few spaces I really want to focus our attention on. One of those spaces are the upstairs closets. These closets go into the attic eves and are side by side in the upstairs hallway. Over time they have become quite stuffed. Umm…yeah. I clearly came […]


O Holy Night Christmas Printable

At Christmas Eve mass this song brings tears to my eyes. I told the husband I wanted a printable with the lyrics and he made me this! And because sometimes black and white is where it is at.   Christmas is exactly two months away!! Still plenty of holidays to celebrate yet, but a fun […]


Five Things Friday

1. I randomly met a blog reader today at open gym. I’m thankful she told me, otherwise would I just assume I have stuff stuck in my braces. This has happened a handful of times and it is a lot of fun to meet people who are a part of this community. 2. We went […]


Handmade Gift Idea

This is a fun handmade gift idea for you favorite little reader, the book lover in your life, your child’s classmates, the librarian or for teachers to give to their students. Today, I’m sharing with you my literary classics book tote and bookmarks–a perfect fit for our handmade gift category in the #DesignSpaceStar¬†challenge. I used […]


Searching for Validation

My husband took the day off to be with the kids today. He did my job and before the sun was even up, I was on the train to Chicago. I’ve typed, deleted, typed, deleted… because where do I start. The last six years have been building up to today. Having children changed me. It […]


Autumn Printable

I absolutely love driving down my street in the fall. I smile every single time I turn on to it. It is tree-lined and now there are splashes of oranges, reds and yellows and leaves sprinkled like confetti as far as the eye can see. Autumn really is the year’s last, loveliest smile. Next up, […]