Simple Fall Party Ideas & Cheap Party Tips

A reader reached out to me recently asking if I had any ideas for a simple fall party. To keep things simple and costs low I recommend keeping the guest list small. Smaller means a more intimate, less chaotic event with the added benefit of saving money. I also recommend on focusing on one space […]


Must Haves

Imagine if your best and hippest girlfriend, who had endless amounts of time and money just whipped up a little care package for you and sent it to you in the mail. It would be awesome. That is kind of what a PopSugar Must Have box is. Every box is inspired by something. This is […]


Follow Through & Change

About a month ago I told everyone I knew, including my readers, that I was running a Halloween 5K. The very next day I went out and ran 2 miles. The day after that I ran another 2 miles. Then my back was bothering me, so I stopped running and I did nothing. I didn’t […]


Five Things Friday

1. Chopping my hair off means I use my straightener A LOT! I’m thinking it is time to invest in a new one, because this is post hair-cut and the stylist always gets it so much straighter and sleeker then me. So feel free to recommend a straightener. Did I mention we have one bathroom! […]


What I Ate on Whole30

One of the biggest question that as come up since finishing Whole30 is what did you eat? I didn’t do a very good job of documenting what I ate. I dug through my photo stream and found these photos that I snapped on my phone. I didn’t focus on what I couldn’t eat or get […]


Work & Soul Searching

I have a job interview tomorrow. This put me in a place I didn’t expect to be. It made me feel sick to my stomach. I’ve cried, I’ve prayed and I have talked with anyone who would listen. After much discussion my husband and I have decided that I am going to pass on the […]


Getting Dressed

One of the fun things about losing weight is getting dressed. After years of yoga pants, the husbands T-shirts/hoodies and a knot on top of my head, I thought it might feel good to get dressed. Not fashionista get dressed, but love-me-get-dressed. Somedays I still crave comfy–I’m pretty much always in flats and at the […]


Six Months Into Myself

There really aren’t words to describe what it feels like to be embarrassed and ashamed of yourself. To hide from the camera and from life. Talking about these feelings is uncomfortable and it feels a lot like a pity party with a side of whining. It is such a complicated emotion, because I was happy […]


The Struggle Is Real

I originally took my Whole30 before photo for myself. I have been taking pictures all along my weight loss journey and comparing them–desperate to see a change. I have bed head, no makeup and am overweight wearing spandex–not my finest moment. In fact, it is pretty embarrassing and nerve-wracking to have photos like this out […]


Apple Picking

We picked a peck of apples. It was a first for all of us. We couldn’t have asked for a more gorgeous day for it either. I had to call around a bit–a lot of places were closed for the season. We went to Harvest Time and they were still picking three kinds of apples. […]