Out of Order, Crazy Real Life


This post is sponsored by Bona, but the mess and opinions are all my own. Heading into this last weekend, I had two goals: attack the mountains of laundry and clean my floors using my new Bona Hardwood Floor Mop. The laundry in and of itself was probably more then a weekend job. I always promise myself that I will not let it pile up and then I let it pile up. Because honestly, doing it all is just so freaking hard. Our laundry system is pathetic. It piles up in our room, because the laundry area is a dungeon in the basement. This is part of the problem, I hate going down there. It ...

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That Giant Space Above the TV


I'm kind of an obsessive re-arranger. It is one of those things I do. I've been that way as long as I can remember. Me and my bestie would rearrange our rooms and make plans to decorate it on a shoestring budget monthly. Oh, and I was 11. So it comes as no surprise that the living room just got rearranged again. Love this gallery wall surrounding the TV. With a few tweaks, the gallery wall stayed, but the TV left. I picked up this giant frame at Goodwill. I popped out the art, painted the frame and used the staple gun to attach chicken wire. I found the chicken wire at ...

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Boy Room Updates & Locker


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Gladiator® GarageWorks for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. It is no secret that we are big Badger fans around here. Both my husband and I met at Wisconsin (check out our first "date" here) and graduated from there. My sports-obsessed Badger fan HAD to have this locker from, Gladiator® GarageWorks in his room. It is pretty sweet. It has a shelf, and hook inside. Quinn's room was ground-zero of my "get rid of all the things" rampage, which you can check out here. It got a fresh coat of white and a few other updates along ...

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Dr. Seuss Bingo Printable


It is no secret that we love Dr. Seuss. We helped throw a Dr. Seuss themed baby shower for my brother and SIL. We offer these printables: here here here Talk about a flashback! Way back in 2012 we talked about celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday. I know how much they like to celebrate Dr. Suess's birthday in the schools and while this is an awesome classroom activity, it can also be fun for a family. My kids started begging to play the second we printed off the cards. The husband laid out 24 different cards so that not everyone is yelling bingo at the same ...

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Flying With Children


Santa brought the kids plane tickets. You can read more about that here. Quinn has been begging for plane tickets for as long as I can remember. In fact, I'm a little unsure if it was that he wanted to travel to far away places or he really wanted to fly. We were leaving bright and early in the morning. Since we were flying out of Chicago, we had to allow an hour and a half drive time. Quinn came down a million times wondering if it was time to go yet. I'm not entirely sure he slept at all. We woke up the gang at around 4 am and headed to my parents. We dropped off Harry ...

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Art Party Ideas on a Budget


We had so much fun partying with Disney Imagicademy! Mickey's Magical Arts World app will be available in the Apple App Store on February 12, 2015. In Mickey’s Magical Arts World, children are invited to join Mickey and his friends in the most imaginative place around, as they explore a fully immersive world of creative arts. We set out to host a kick-butt art party and then mother nature dumped 18 inches of snow on us with 45 mile hour winds and we had legit blizzard. It turned out to be the perfect way to be snowed in. Quinn was addicted to, Mickey’s Magical Math World. In ...

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Maze Printable Valentine Activity


I updated last year's, You are ah-MAZE-ing printable Valentine, because I wanted it to better fit with this fun collection of non-candy and EOS lip balm printable Valentines we made this year.   Keep things really simple by using washi tape to tape a pencil to the back. Washi tape looks pretty and comes off easily, without ruining the valentine. It is such a fun collection of Valentines, so be sure to check the rest out here: Love is In the Air, To a Real Gem, You Are My Sunshine, You Are the Apple of My Eye, Stop in the Name of Love, You are the X to my O, You ...

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Stop In the Name of Love Printable Valentine


And now this song is going to be stuck in your head all day! You can find fun police/sheriff badges at the Dollar store and various other places as party favors. Pin it on to this fun, Stop in the Name of Love Valentine printable and you are set to go! If you are struggling to find a "boy" Valentine, this is the one!   We have a fun collection of printable non-candy Valentines. You can find those here: Love is In the Air, To a Real Gem, You Are My Sunshine, You Are the Apple of My Eye, You Are Ah-MAZE-ing, You are the X to my O, You are the Cherry on My ...

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You are a Real Gem Printable Valentine


This fun printable can completely stand alone. It is meant to be a coloring sheet so a crayon/colored pencil makes a great addition. I have to admit, I'm partial to these crayon gems from Target! I attached my crayon with some Saran wrap, ribbon and a hole punch.   We have a whole collection of super fun, non-candy printable Valentines. Find the collection here: Love is In the Air, You Are Ah-MAZE-ing, You Are My Sunshine, You Are the Apple of My Eye, Stop in the Name of Love, You are the X to my O, You are the Cherry on My ...

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You are the Cherry on My Sundae EOS Printable Valentine


Spread the love with this EOS Valentine printable. This adorable sundae is topped with and EOS lip balm as a cherry! Part of an EOS lip balm printable Valentine collection. The EOS lip balm Valentines make up half of our non-candy Valentine collection. This printable is set to print four to a page, with all of the cut lines set up for you! Simply cut the circle out, open the EOS lip balm, pop it in the hole and close it with the paper in the middle. Find the other free printable Valentine's here: Love is In the Air, To a Real Gem, You Are My Sunshine, ...

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