Bucket List Items


Did any of you fall in love with the Wisconsin Badgers men's basketball team during their March Madness run? My husband and I are both UW-Madison alumni. We met there and are raising some pretty big Badger fans ourselves. The Badgers had an incredible run, beating undefeated Kentucky to make it to the National Championship game. A lot of people did not expect it to go down quite like that, which meant that a lot of tickets were suddenly for sale. My husband became addicted to looking at tickets. On the day of the game he came home on his lunch, and was still checking tickets. His leftover ...

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Easter 2015


Lately, keeping up with life seems pretty tricky. I haven't had a handle on laundry for months. My house seems to live in a constant state of disaster. Even if it is cleaned, that barely makes it 24 hours. I have felt more exhausted with this pregnancy than any of the others. I've barely touched my blog. I've barely touched my blog, because there is no gorgeous holiday displays or crafty projects. There is just life-- and it is crazy and messy. It occurred to me that waiting for order and inspiration and perfection means I will never blog again. So I'm back-blogging. One of my favorite ...

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Kid Craft – Folded Paper Caterpillar


Quinn came home from school super excited to share something he had made. He made these fun folded paper caterpillars and a little paper habitat for the caterpillars to live in at school. Not only did he want to share with me how he made these cute little critters, but he really wanted to teach all of my readers how to. Paper strips, scissors, glue and a pen or crayons is all you need. You start with two strips and place them perpendicular to each other and glue the ends together. Next, you just fold the paper strips over each other, alternating back ...

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Chalkboards & Globes


My collection of globes found a new home. I added a fun disco ball, because a little sparkle never hurt anyone. I drew this ampersand, which was inspired by street chalk art I had seen. Obviously, not nearly as good. This wall is always fun to decorate for the holidays or celebrations. This time around, I was looking for a little more simple and evergreen look this time around. Hudson's second birthday is just weeks away, so now it is time to figure out what is next. Feel free to check out my Parties & ...

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Affordable Vacation Souvenir


This January we took our family to San Diego. I've shared how the trip was a Christmas present and a few of our experiences: Sea World, the beach and taking 3 kids 6 and under on an airplane! When we were at Sea World, Eleanor wanted to get a snow globe. I quickly noticed a sign that said they were not allowed as carry-ons. It was at this point that we realized we needed a plan. We decided that the kids would each get to pick a pin. Relatively inexpensive and super easy to fit in our suitcase. When we got home. I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up these felt banners. They come in 2-packs ...

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Mint Chip Cheesecake Dip


Thank you to Nestle Toll House for sponsoring today's post. If I am going to be honest, when I'm expected to bring something for an event, you can be sure I wait until the last minute. Always. I'm a big fan of simple crowd pleasers that can be whipped up in about five minutes. One of our party favorites is cheesecake dip. It was a big debate as to whether I wanted peanut butter chip cheesecake dip, caramel chip cheesecake dip or mint chip cheesecake dip. I ended up picking mint, because with St. Patrick's day right around the corner I thought it would be a fun choice. Throw ...

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Boy’s Room Gallery Wall


So by now you realize my, must-switch-all-the-rooms-right-now-chaos, stems from finding out we are pregnant. Barely pregnant, but all of the sudden it just made sense. I mean, does lugging furniture and bending, sorting, and mass chaos sound like a good idea at 8 months pregnant? I think not. So the boys took over our room. The room is a work in progress, but today I wanted to share the one part that is kind of done. The pictures frames came from Hudson's room. Quinn told me he wanted them filled with pictures and not art. Each of the boys already had a lamp in their room. ...

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What to Expect


I'm officially doing this a fourth time. I know, he doesn't look to happy about it. He is though! Sure, he has no idea what is going on, but he happily points at my stomach and says baby. He mostly thought it was fun to run from me and since he knew I wanted a picture of his shirt... Eleanor wants to know how Hudson can be a big brother if he still poops in a diaper. I'm hoping that this summer we will be able to potty train Hudson and that wont be the case. We already broke the news on social media, but I wanted to be sure that my readers who don't follow me on ...

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Establishing Good Habits


Thanks to hello® a naturally friendly™ toothpaste for sponsoring this conversation. Sometimes establishing good habits for my children feels really hard. I feel like I'm barely keeping everything afloat and fitting in a shower for myself feels like an accomplishment. I'm not entirely sure why, but my children act like they are being punished when we say it is time to brush your teeth. Then there is the-- I cannot reach my toothbrush. I cannot reach the toothpaste. I don't like this flavor. They get the lecture, but man, I could use a night without the struggle. Did ...

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Out of Order, Crazy Real Life


This post is sponsored by Bona, but the mess and opinions are all my own. Heading into this last weekend, I had two goals: attack the mountains of laundry and clean my floors using my new Bona Hardwood Floor Mop. The laundry in and of itself was probably more then a weekend job. I always promise myself that I will not let it pile up and then I let it pile up. Because honestly, doing it all is just so freaking hard. Our laundry system is pathetic. It piles up in our room, because the laundry area is a dungeon in the basement. This is part of the problem, I hate going down there. It ...

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