Decluttering Your Child’s Room


This post is sponsored by BISSELL, all opinions are mine   I literally just cannot keep up anymore. I barely can handle our living situation. Keeping it orderly is all consuming--forget about the kids rooms. I can organize with the best of them. I could have found a place for it all and straightened and staged it and bam! (old pictures as proof)   But the second he touched or played with anything, it would be a disaster again. At the end of the day we, as a family are drowning in stuff. I'm officially on a mission to rid ourselves of at least ...

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Why We Spent More For Less This Christmas


I have three kids (6, 3, 20 months) and the amount of stuff we have acquired is embarrassing. In fact, when I was tucking in Quinn tonight he said that he cannot even find the stuff he loves to play with anymore. We wanted to celebrate Christmas. I don't think there is much that beats the butterflies and excitement on Christmas eve for a child. I remember those feelings fondly. While I feel the pressure to live up to those expectations, the last thing we wanted to do was fill our house with more stuff just for the sake of stuff. Eleanor seemed oblivious that she should even want ...

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Happy Family Holidays


This post brought to you by Happy Family Products . The content and opinions expressed below are that of Balancing Home. One of the best part about having children are the holidays. I have always loved the holidays, but as our family has grown--my love for the holidays has grown too! Holidays and the traditions that surround them are the things childhood memories are made of! Look at each of my babies on their first Christmas! As exciting as celebrating your first holiday with your child is, it can also be stressful. Holidays mean lots of people, places to go and crazy ...

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Thanksgiving Journals & Christmas Shelves


Well we made it through our first week post-Thanksgiving break. We really enjoyed our break. With Quinn in school full-time (kindergarten), having him for a whole week made it feel like the good old days! To top it off, Ross was off of work Tuesday-Sunday. The kiddos fit in two sleepovers and we had two days of Thanksgiving. We also took a trip to Chicago. We were able to spend the day at the Museum of Science and Industry and then grab dinner and dessert in the city before shooting up 94 floors to top of the John Hancock building. The view was gorgeous! Over break, we saw Big Hero 6, ...

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Kid Craft: Christmas Tree Bar


This is such a fun and simple project for the kids...and even the adults! Eleanor and I got a little crafty today. Gluing things is one of her favorite ways to create now-a-days. She helped me choose all of our Christmas tree bar fixings. She loved watching the Cricut cut them out too. We created these simple 3D Christmas trees using the Cricut, some paper and glue! The pattern for the tree is a Cricut image and I have it all set up for you here. Eleanor chose stars, candy canes and ornaments. Once she was armed with glue, she got to ...

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Handmade Gift Idea


This is a fun handmade gift idea for you favorite little reader, the book lover in your life, your child's classmates, the librarian or for teachers to give to their students. Today, I'm sharing with you my literary classics book tote and bookmarks--a perfect fit for our handmade gift category in the #DesignSpaceStar challenge. I used this design to create this cute little literary classics tote. If you were giving this as a gift, but were looking for more--it would go great with the gift of books, which might just be the best gift ever. I used each of those designs ...

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Simple Fall Party Ideas & Cheap Party Tips


A reader reached out to me recently asking if I had any ideas for a simple fall party. To keep things simple and costs low I recommend keeping the guest list small. Smaller means a more intimate, less chaotic event with the added benefit of saving money. I also recommend on focusing on one space to make a statement. A drink stations/dessert table. Some examples from past parties: As a reminder, folded paper bags make for a great and inexpensive way to serve food, plus quick to clean up. Paper bags would be a great way to serve the dry toppings for a caramel apple ...

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Apple Picking


We picked a peck of apples. It was a first for all of us. We couldn't have asked for a more gorgeous day for it either. I had to call around a bit--a lot of places were closed for the season. We went to Harvest Time and they were still picking three kinds of apples. But first, coffee. It was about an hour long drive down some beautiful Wisconsin country roads. We passed a few adorable antique shops and I desperately wanted to stop. Maybe another time. I think Hudson had the best time of all. He ate so many apples, walked the whole ...

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We Made it Six Years


  Today is Quinn's sixth birthday! The little guy who made me a mom is one amazing boy. It also happened to be his golden birthday, but there were no "Pinterest" worthy parties. We did have my family over for the Badger game to celebrate. We went a whole different route celebrating this year and booked a room at a waterpark. Fun was had all around and it was such a wonderful way to spend time as a family. Phones and water do not mix well, so other then intentionally trying to capture a few pics and videos on day 2, we were hands off. We checked in on ...

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Saying Goodbye to Summer


I have been hesitant to let go of summer. When you have young children, there is something so precious about each passing season and when it is done, you know it will never be the same. Couple that, with Quinn starting kindergarten, and I just wasn't ready. The summer to do list stayed up through most of September. By the end of the summer, it looked like this: You can find lots of our summer adventures on instagram #brayssummertodolist and #brayssummer One of my most fun memories from summer was the water balloon fight. After years of doing this--I finally got it right! You ...

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