That Time I Gave Parenting Advice on the Internet

Lately it seems my personal Facebook feed is blowing up with parents desperate for solutions and advice to various parenting woes. Conversations with friends have revolved around the kids and as we head into summer, I’m sure a lot of parents are beginning to brace themselves. I have spent my entire life working with children. […]


A Frozen Birthday Party

Eleanor, along with every other child, is obsessed with Frozen. She knows every word to every song. The soundtrack is on repeat in our car. She also knows every hand gesture, hair flip and stomp of the Let it Go scene. Elsa is her favorite, because “she has the powers”. Like every other soon to […]


How To Reuse Party Decor

I love decorating for shin-digs. The problem is, I often find myself wondering what to do with it all when the party is over. We just recently celebrated Hudson’s first birthday. See what I did there? The robots that were garland are now specimen art. The tissue paper tassel garland is now hanging above the […]


Simple Entertainment

This winter is getting long. We are heading into March and the week’s forecast still has us well below freezing. Everything is covered in ice and the snow is knee deep or higher everywhere. I made this little number years ago and just pulled it back out recently. Yes, wings are required attire. It is […]


A DIY Shirt With a Special Touch

I am so excited about this project. As soon as I finished I texted a picture to my mom and my friend and anyone who would listen. Now let me start by saying how blessed I was to invited out to Utah to meet the fine people at Cricut and get a sneak peek at […]


Valentine’s Day Emergency Kit

In the morning, one of the first things I do is check my phone. Emails, Instagram, Facebook, etc. If you are like me, your feed was blowing up with breakfast in bed, heart shaped pancakes, flowers, chocolate, gifts and fancy decorated spaces. Shoot. We are hanging out in PJ’s and a disaster and I’m feeling […]


Robot Nursery

I have given you glimpses of Hudson’s room– like this gallery wall. The completely talented husband made all the art and you can get the blast off printable here. Clearly, since baby number three’s arrival almost 10 months ago, I have been slacking. The vision I have for this room hasn’t been met. I think […]


Storing Toys & Maintaining Style

Last week I shared some spaces in our home that are full of my things. Surfaces styled and beautiful to me. I, however, happen to live in a home with three small children. We LIVE in our home. Like hardcore live. I’m a stay-at-home mom to three beautiful children and they are home with me […]


Boys and their Toys

I first revealed Quinn’s room way back when–you can check it out here. Most of his room has stayed just so. It is actually kind of a miracle, since I have a tendency to change things up. A lot! One of the changes we made was adding a bulletin board. I actually picked up the […]


My Heart Is Bursting- A Valentine Classroom Activity

Saturday morning I whipped up this fun and completely reusable Valentine classroom activity. This little number doubles as an activity and Quinn’s valentines. This project was completely inspired by my blogging friend Poofy Cheeks Wreck it Ralph Birthday Party. My son became obsessed with it when he saw me reading her blog, but specifically really […]