Closet Purging & Goodwill Finds

I got it in my head that there are a few spaces I really want to focus our attention on. One of those spaces are the upstairs closets. These closets go into the attic eves and are side by side in the upstairs hallway. Over time they have become quite stuffed. Umm…yeah. I clearly came […]


Styling a Bookshelf

I love to decorate. I love having a place to display a little personality in my home, but I have kids soo…. Does this sentence even need to be finished? We live here. I mean LIVE here. They aren’t in school yet, we don’t have a play room. All the living and playing that a […]


A Jeweled Box

I was recently walking through the craft store and I spied these wood boxes. Geodes, quartz, stone are totally in right now. Anthropologie has beautiful geode hardware I’m swooning over. I also recently saw two of my favorite bloggers, The Handmade Home and I Heart Organizing, creating with these elements. I had received the Elmer’s […]


Organizing the Junk Drawer

How many posts could one person have on a junk drawer? A few–apparently! I blame the husband. He is always adding things to it that do not go there. Things he takes up from the basement or out of the garage for a project, but then doesn’t feel like putting back in garage or basement […]


The Kitchen & A Printable

You don’t have to compromise on clean to be green. Today I’m sharing my kitchen, some cleaning and organizational tips and a printable. I have to tell you guys that I am a big fan of Clorox Greenworks. I first bought the all-purpose spray last spring for a campaign and have become a big fan. […]


Bathroom Updates, Organization & Printable

You don’t have to compromise on clean to be green. This weekend we tackled our bathroom. Remember a week before my scheduled c-section with baby #3 when we gutted the bathroom? We finished it just in time and there it sat. This weekend it got a good cleaning, some reorganization and some style, because let’s […]


Storing Toys & Maintaining Style

Last week I shared some spaces in our home that are full of my things. Surfaces styled and beautiful to me. I, however, happen to live in a home with three small children. We LIVE in our home. Like hardcore live. I’m a stay-at-home mom to three beautiful children and they are home with me […]


Burned Out

Hopefully, by the time this post goes live it will be a different story. If you walked in my house right now you would trip over a pile of shoes, step in a puddle from melted snow and then tiptoe your way through the living room. The living room with a floor covered with baby […]


Chicken Spaghetti Recipe & Meal Planning

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and eMeals all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #eMealstotheresuce Tonight for dinner we had Chicken spaghetti. This is something that feels so obvious that I don’t understand how in my 30 years I have never had it. It […]


Cleaning Tips & Printables

This post is sponsored by: If you have a house full of little people like me, you probably feel like you are walking uphill both ways–in the snow—with no shoes.  Or something like that. The point is, it kind of feels like a never ending battle and it kind of is. (You can download this […]