Autumn Printable

I absolutely love driving down my street in the fall. I smile every single time I turn on to it. It is tree-lined and now there are splashes of oranges, reds and yellows and leaves sprinkled like confetti as far as the eye can see. Autumn really is the year’s last, loveliest smile. Next up, […]


Apple Picking

We picked a peck of apples. It was a first for all of us. We couldn’t have asked for a more gorgeous day for it either. I had to call around a bit–a lot of places were closed for the season. We went to Harvest Time and they were still picking three kinds of apples. […]


Fall Dining Room Table Decor

I have been sharing little touches of fall with you all week. I’m really embracing the spirit of fall. I’ve enjoyed making the house cozy, while the air gets crisp. This year–after years of decorating for Halloween (here, here, and here)– I’m just warming things up. I shared these fun fall printables that are on […]


Fall Dining Room Chalkboard Bucket List

When the summer bucket list came down, because it was time to let summer go, I needed something new to go up. I really pushed my creative limits and came up with this. A fall bucket list! When my Better Homes & Gardens came with pumpkins and a blue vase I was like, I have […]


Fall and Thanksgiving Printables

Yesterday we said goodbye to summer and I really am ready to embrace fall now. I did a bit of decorating over the weekend. Pumpkins and warm, earthy smells. Everything feels so cozy! The watercolors in the frames certainly weren’t giving me the warm, cozy, fall vibe I was going for. I had the hubs […]


20+ Fabulous Fall Ideas

Everything from Football to crockpots to printables to gratitiude–we’ve got you covered. A round up of fall fun from Balancing Home. 35+ Fall Desserts Simple Chili Mac Easy Entertaining for Game Day Burlap & Flower Fabric Wreath Velvet Pumpkins Tutorial Velvet Pumpkin Place Card Holder If The Shoe Fits (printable) Ghost Prints Puffy Paint Glow […]


Puffy Paint Glow Pumpkin

I can’t believe it is possible that I am a craft blogger and this is my first pumpkin blog post. What? Crazy, right? I found this pumpkins at Target’s Dollar Spot. The name is a tad misleading since the pumpkin was in fact, $2.50. Either way, cheapest pumpkins I’ve seen. I was fortunate to be […]


Burlap & Fabric Flower Wreath

I know, I know…it is only August. But fall is right around the corner so I thought I would get started now. The burlap & fabric flower wreath is the first step to attaining my “fall mantle”. We are using air quotes (If we really were talking, those would be air quotes), because it isn’t […]


Fall Inspiration: Printables, Projects, Oh My!

  Fall means back to school, Halloween and Thanksgiving. I rounded up some fall inspiration. All of which can be found right here at Balancing Home. 10 Steps to a Great School Year and Raising a Stand Up Kid Back 2 School Interview Printable: 5 Ways to Make Back to School Fun & Memorable Back […]