Make Today Ridiculously Amazing

I know how tough it is to make good choices every day. My new motto is, “make today ridiculously amazing”. I made it a printable too–in case you need a reminder. Don’t we all need a reminder sometimes?


Party Planning Printables

Party planning printables and a few of the perks of using BISSELL’s PowerGlide Pet Vacuum with Lift-Off Technology

2013 Printable Calendar

2013 Printable Calendar

2013 Printable Calendar is up! There are two color options: warm and cool. Happy New Year!  

Happy Father's Day Card Printable

Father’s Day Card Printable

A card for dad. The front. The whole kit & caboodle. Don’t forget to fill it with all sorts of mushy, gushy stuff about dad. Make sure and let him know just how awesome he is. I always give Ross a card too. He isn’t my dad, but he is my children’s dad and I […]

Earth Day Printable

Earth Day Printable

For starters, I wanted y’all to know that Jessyca B. won the Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler giveaway (here). A big thank you to each and every one of you who stopped by and showed some love during the giveaway. Much appreciated. Ladies and gents, we have a printable! It applies to Earth day and just about […]


Pi Day Printable

Happy Pi Day! Lets celebrate with a printable on us! Don’t forget to show some love first by becoming a Facebook friend and subscriber. As usual this fits lovely in 8 x 10 opening. Pin It P.S. We are at the bitter end of the Circle of Moms Top 25 Creative Moms. Please stop by […]

St. Patrick's Day Printable

VDay & St. Patty’s Printable

Happy Valentine’s Day! It is no secret I love holidays. I think I love holidays so much, because they tend to revolve around three things: family, food and traditions. This is the good stuff in life. This is the stuff we grow up and we remember and we do with our children. I fully embrace […]

Valentine's Day Family Activity Printable

Love Grows Here- Printable & Family Activity

Those of you who have been with me for a while may remember my Give Thanks station (here). We set up a little place for the family to give their thanks. On Thanksgiving we read through them all. It was so much fun to hear the things Quinn was thankful for throughout the month. It […]

Valentine's Day Free Printable

Free Printable & Giveaway Winner

Valentine’s Day is our next holiday. Can you believe it? Man-oh-man is time just flying by. I actually think of Valentine’s Day as a kid’s holiday. Might have something to do with years of celebrating Valentine’s day in school as a student. You know… with the decorated bag or mailbox, the carefully selected Valentines (Hey, […]

2012 Printable Calendar

Happy New Year! Man did 2011 fly by fast. We had some big changes around here this year. We welcomed a new member of the family, I quit my job and started this blog and print shop just to name a few. In honor of the new year we have a printable for all of […]