Summer To Do List

This spring we did a little dining room update. I decided I was tired of decorating around a mirror and even worse, photographing into a mirror. Since so much of what we do with this space revolves around decorating for holidays and parties, I knew I wanted to put something up that lent itself to […]


August In Review

August seemed to be about three things: 1. Crossing things off of our summer to do list. 2. Back to School. 3. Prepping for fall. It is absolutely crazy to me that summer is over, that Quinn will start preschool and turn 4 this fall and that my husband is going to be 30. Seems […]


Lemonade Stand: Cash-Money Millionaire Style

Clearly you are all here to learn how to get rich, quick! Right? There are five steps to becoming a cash-money millionaire via a lemonade stand. 1. Enthusiasm. Every single time someone rode, biked, ran or walked by he jumped up and down and yelled “Lemonade, Lemonade, Lemonade”. His enthusiasm was hard to ignore. 2. […]


Summer To Do List: Fly A Kite

Slowly, but surely we are checking things off of our summer to do list. You can see our first summer to do list post here. Our latest summer to do activity: flying a kite. Did you spy the grasshopper? All in all flying the kite was a success. Next time I am getting a fabric […]


Summer To Do List: Water Balloons

Our mission to check things off our to do list and make the most of summer continues. I introduced the summer to do list during my mid-summer crisis, which usually happens for me right around the Fourth of July. I already shared one thing off of our list here, and today it is all about […]


Summer To Do List: Sleepover

We have checked off a few things from our summer to do list (read more about our list here). One of those things was a sleepover. Quinn slept over his grandparents with his aunt, but never had anyone sleepover. My cousin Ian, who is 12, slept over. Quinn just idolizes him and thinks he is […]


Summer To Do

Hope you all had an amazing Fourth. We sure did. I officially am calling today, recovery day. It is taking everything in me to not join the napping kids and write this post. Ya feel me? If you are a regular reader around here you know that I was having a MID SUMMER CRISIS (similar […]