Valentine’s Day Emergency Kit


In the morning, one of the first things I do is check my phone. Emails, Instagram, Facebook, etc. If you are like me, your feed was blowing up with breakfast in bed, heart shaped pancakes, flowers, chocolate, gifts and fancy decorated spaces. Shoot. We are hanging out in PJ's and a disaster and I'm feeling a little bit like a failure. I had every intention of all of that. I did. This week was crazy busy. We had something every night of the week. Three magnet school orientation/registrations (a whole other topic for another time), my dad's birthday last night (also coupled with an ...

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My Heart Is Bursting- A Valentine Classroom Activity


Saturday morning I whipped up this fun and completely reusable Valentine classroom activity. This little number doubles as an activity and Quinn's valentines. This project was completely inspired by my blogging friend Poofy Cheeks Wreck it Ralph Birthday Party. My son became obsessed with it when he saw me reading her blog, but specifically really wanted to punch the windows for a prize. For this project you will need: A science display board, a hot glue gun, cups (I used treat cups I found at target, but any old paper cups will do), tissue paper, rubberband, pencil, scissors, ...

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For the Sake of the Children


When the Christmas decorations came down Eleanor was all about, what comes next? She was constantly asking to decorate. I didn't feel like decorating, but it just made the kids so darn happy that I couldn't help but share in their joy. Just a little. Kids have a way of doing that to you--of making you see the world just a little differently. I had this package of doily hearts sitting around that I gave to the kids, along with some watercolors and I let them do their thang. I still had two nails in the wall from where I hung my "Merry Christmas" banner so I tied a knot in some ...

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Valentine Printable For the Little Ones

#Printable #Valentine Non Candy with #Arrow Pencil

This Valentine is a fun play on words, but most importantly it is a non-candy Valentine that can keep the kiddos busy. A teacher's favorite kind. Trust me, I know (I was a teacher). They print off four to a sheet and are just dandy the way they are. If you want to include a pencil you could just washi tape one and be done. I got a little more crafty and had my pencil become an arrow that is piercing the heart. So the husband is the graphic designer. Let me show you what I gave him to work with. Then I sit behind him and boss him around and drive him crazy. I love watching him ...

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